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Review: Never Doubt a Duke

Never Doubt a Duke

"After spending the last ten years following her late husband on campaign, the irrepressible Jane Kimball finds herself badly in need of a position to support herself. Marriage holds no appeal; she’s not likely to find a husband like her Jimmy again. But when Miss Thorn of the Fortune Employment Agency offers her a post with the Duke of Wey, Jane feels drawn to help the lonely widower with his three daughters. He may seem a bit aloof, but Miss Thorn’s cat Fortune approved of him. Why should Jane doubt a duke?

Alaric, Duke of Wey, commands his staff, his tenants, and the halls of Parliament, managing vast holdings in England and across the seas. Why is it he cannot manage his own daughters? As an old danger rears its head, he comes to rely on Jane’s practical nature, her outspoken ways to navigate the waters of fatherhood. And when necessity dictates he take a wife, thoughts turn to an unlikely governess who might make the perfect bride."

Author: Regina Scott
Length: 298 pages
Format: e-book, paperback

A cat with a knack for matchmaking.
A cavalry officer's widow in need of a position.
A distant duke in need of a governess.
Could Fortune be smiling upon an unlikely match?

I was so excited when I found out Regina was still going to write after the closing of the Love Inspired historical line, for she is a favorite of mine.
She has written both western and Regency for that line, and, though I LOVE a good cowboy, Regina can truly write aristocracy. To hear her next work was a Regency period MATCHMAKING series -- I was ALL in!

This book did not disappoint, and oh how I loathe having to wait for book two.

I loved Jane's character. Even though she was considered an "unusual governess" for this time period, no one could claim she wasn't great with the girls. She loved them and wanted only the best for them. She wanted them to succeed at life, to have thoughts and opinions for themselves, to be more than dolls on a shelf. They were daughters of a duke, but she wanted them to know they were more than just a title. She came into their lives in a whirlwind of sass and it was GREAT! (Love a sassy female lead!) Being a cavalry officer's widow, she had an independent, strong attitude that was cultivated by following the drum for many years. She was not a push over, nor was she rude. The perfect mix of brain and beauty. Jane quickly gained the respect and trust of Alaric and his mother with her wit and her charm: This was tested multiple times throughout the story.

Alaric was a strong, distant duke who cared more about duty than most things. Until Jane came into his life. She flipped his world on its head, and boy did he need it. He turned from this cold, proper duke to a loving father and gentle aristocrat.
He battled duty over heart through the entire story, but in the end...well they lived happily ever after. ;)οΎ 

There was a great mystery subplot with an interesting, if not predictable, villain. Honestly, that was fine with me since it was not the main theme of the story. It did its job by helping accompany a thought and push it into a tale.

The duke's daughters were sweet. Well, two out of three were anyway. The oldest was snobby and pretentious, but thank God for character development. She never really hated Jane; she just wasn't her biggest fan.

I hope these characters make another appearance in the series, even if it’s a small cameo. I'd love to check up on the Duke and Duchess of Wey.

Oh! The ending of this book...seriously is book two out yet?! I cannot wait for the rest of this series to be published. This series reminded me of Jen Turano's series, and c'mon now -- you know I'm all about that life!

I rate this book 4.5/5 stars. I’ll follow Regina wherever she goes!


"And I would like them to learn to ride, provided we can find a unicorn."

"If only I could convince Lady Larissa that there is more to life than her come out."
He pressed a hand to chest in mock dismay. "No. How can you possibly say so?"
Her mouth twitched. "Perhaps because I've lived so much longer than she has."
"Yes I can see you are ancient."
She gave it up and grinned. "Takes one to know one, Your Grace."

He finally understood the choice of certain ladies to hide behind potted palms, for if his mother had consented to bring a tree into the withdrawing room. he'd have been sorely tempted to take refuge.

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review**All opinions are my own*

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