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Review: As Easy As Riding A Bike

As Easy As Riding a Bike

"Emma Holland is almost finished with the renovation of The Brown Bear Lodge nestled just off the Pacific Coast 101 Highway in picturesque Justin Harbor, Oregon. Being a business owner in a small town isn’t easy, but Emma’s got more than enough determination—not to mention an excellent eye for interior design. There’s only one problem. One of her first guests of the season is someone she hoped she’d never see again. 

As a famous landscape photographer, Connor Pearson has traveled far and wide following his dreams at the cost of losing his first love. Now, back in Justin Harbor, Connor is looking for more than just a place to stay. He’s looking for himself. 

As Emma and Connor rediscover their lost friendship and seek to find common ground in the present, Connor feels the tug of his small town roots. Is it possible that a man who’s traveled the world could find his home where his dreams began? Can Emma come to terms with the fact that self-reliance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Will their bonds from the past weather the storms of the present? 

As Easy as Riding a Bike will introduce you to the salty air and calming waters of Justin Harbor, the first novella in a series featuring small town women business owners."

Author: Bell Renshaw
Length: 116 pages
Format: e-book

He was lost without home
She was lost without him
They found home in each other

Do you have that one author who you wish their stories would just KEEP going, or they would pump out books faster? Yeah, that's Bell for me. This lady is so talented! 
This is her second book and I CANNOT wait for more to be published! 
Her stories don't fell rushed, even with such a short length. Everything always lines up perfectly, while her stories stay sweet and so satisfying.

A few weeks back I shared the cover reveal for this delectable treat, and today...well I'm sharing my thoughts!

As soon as I laid my eyeballs on the words, I was transported to a small town in Oregon. I instantly fell in love with Justin Harbor and its people, and severely wish it was a REAL town. Anytime I read stories based in small fishing towns I think of "Murder She Wrote", and I have GREAT memories of that show. So when they are pulled off like this one was I just want everyone to love it as much a me. 

I loved the characters of this book! Emma was such a hard working, independent woman. She knew what she wanted and she went after it. She was a homegrown gal, with roots that ran deep. She had the sweetest personality, with a bit of quirk. 
Overall she was a fun character to get to know,

Connor, oh Connor...(man can this girl write a hero!)
A photographer with a thirst for adventure? YES PLEASE!
He was so lost, and needed to come home to find peace. He could have taken care of some situations better in my opinion, but then we wouldn't have had the spat we had towards the end. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ (You'll have to read the book to figure out what I'm talking about)
Even through it all he was so sweet & such a gentleman!

There was a great foundation for this couple before the book even started, since this does have a "best friend to boyfriend" troupe. (LOVE IT!) There was great tension, a falling out that needed to be fixed. Ugh all the aspects to a PERFECT Hallmark movie. 😍😝

This book is marketed as a "clean, sweet read", but it had some light faith elements running throughout the story. 

I rated this a 4.5/5 stars. I really loved seeing a different side of Bell's descriptive abilities, as well as her imagination. Both of her stories have played out like Hallmark movies and it's. been. GRAND. She's drawn me in to a new town, and I cannot wait to dock at Justin Harbor again soon!


"You just has fish and chips. You're still hungry?"
He cracked open one eye. "Sweets fill a separate space in my stomach, you know that Emma."
"News flash. High school was a long time ago."
"Some things are better with age, like cheese, wine, and good looking men."
Emma burst out laughing. "Maggie!"

"Come see me if you need me to talk you into anything."
Emma could hear the smile in Maggie's words. "I will. Now go bake something--unless you're changing careers to counseling."
"Nah, I do better with pies than people."

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review* *All opinions are my own*

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Review: Second Chances

Second Chances

"Grace wasn't sure if there was a such thing as second chances for someone like her. She had become a teen mom at 17 and not long after had disappeared leaving her daughter behind with her parents. She thought she had ruined everyone's life, even her daughter's, so she fled to escape. However, she knew that she needed to return and make it up to Brooke and her family. She got her Associate's Degree and returned home to her parents. In this story of redemption, Grace finds the power of forgiveness through Christ and true love with someone unexpected. This is the first book in the series, An Oaktown Story."

Author: Jenny Lynn
Length: 171 pages
Format: paperback, e-book

Can you really come back home again?
Is true forgiveness really a thing?
Can love find its way through old pain and a tarnished past?

This was a cute first installation to what I feel is going to turn into a cute series.  

So much happens in such a short amount of pages, but in my honest opinion it flowed smoothly.

Grace & David were BEST FRIENDS growing up, so the fast paced romance was totally okay. 
Man, I love when best friends get together! *girly squeal*

Though we don't see a real "before" of Grace, I feel like her character grew up a ton. There was a level of maturity that only comes from making and living through your mistakes. 
All she wanted was to make a better life for her daughter. She took a few wrong turns before she got on the right road, but God was directing her path the whole time. (Like He always is)

I loved Brooke's character, she has a sweet innocent glow radiating off of her. She seemed like she'd be that super adorable kid you complemented the mother on in a restaurant. I can't wait to see more of her in the future. 

The lines of redemption were running SO strong throughout this entire story, and forgiveness played a HUGE role! 

I love stories about small hometowns because of the relationships that are already built. I feel like I'm getting to peak into these character's lives, to see a snapshot of their day to day. It's fun and somewhat relaxing for me. 

One thing that kind of threw me was the somewhat random switch in perspectives towards the end of the book. It was only a few paragraphs long, but it felt weird and out of place. Since the book was told from Grace's point of view the entire time, it took my mind a minute to change voices. It didn't add to the plot in my opinion, I could have finished the book without it and been fine. I like seeing other character's thought process, just more integrated within the story.  

I'm excited to see what happens next, since we're left on a crazy cliffhanger! Can't wait to visit Oaktown again soon.

I rated this a 4/5 stars. If you need a laid back, easy, fast contemporary read this is for you.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for a review* *All opinions are my own*

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Review: A Passionate Hope

A Passionate Hope

"Hannah and her husband, Elkanah, share a deep and abiding love, for each other, for their God, and for his tabernacle at Shiloh. Greatly disturbed by the corruption of the priests, they long for restoration and pray for a deliverer. But nothing changes as the years pass. Years that also reveal Hannah to be barren.

Pressured by his family to take another wife, Elkanah marries Peninnah, who quickly begins to bear children. Disgraced and taunted by her husband's new wife, Hannah turns again to prayers that seem doomed to go unanswered. Do her devotion and kindness in the face of Peninnah's cruelty count for nothing? Why does God remain silent and indifferent to her pleas?

Travel back to the dusty streets of Shiloh with an expert guide as Jill Eileen Smith brings to life a beloved story of hope, patience, and deliverance that shows that even the most broken of relationships can be restored."

Author: Jill Eileen Smith
Length: 370 pages
Format: paperback, hardcover, e-book, audio

All she longed for was a child
Through a hopeful heart & vow to God
Her promise was fulfilled

I have always wanted to read a story about Hannah. Her story has always intrigued me, and I wish the Bible went into more detail about her. But since it doesn't, I'm thankful for other's imagination!

This story was chock full of hope & trust! (The title is perfect)
Hannah and Elkanah kept prayer filled hearts, but they also went through moments of question and despair.

Though the idea of this story was great, it fell WAY short for me.
All of the characters were so whinny!! That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I would have been able to overlook it if it has just been one character, but it was a running theme through the entire story!

Peninnah was probably my least favorite character from beginning to end. She was so hateful & self-centered. And oh yeah...whinny. I was so thankful to see a bit of a turn around at the complete end of the story.

My favorite character was a toss up between Samuel and Raziela. I would love to see a book from either one of their perspectives.

The author wove a beautiful hopeful story out of a rather hopeless situation. Her style was almost poetic & flowed beautifully.

This story wasn't my favorite I'm not going to lie, but I know many who loved this story or will love this story. Overall I rated this a 3.5/5 stars.

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review* *All reviews are my own*

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Review: Frontier Matchmaker Bride + Author Interview

Frontier Matchmaker Bride

"Successful Seattle matchmaker Beth Wallin has her most challenging assignment yet—find Deputy Hart McCormick a bride. Beth’s still smarting after the handsome lawman spurned her affections a year ago. But if she finds Hart a wife, Beth will gain favor with the city’s most influential women…and perhaps free her own heart, as well.

Marriage is the last thing on the deputy’s mind. After tragically losing his sweetheart, he vowed never to love again. But as sweet, spunky Beth introduces him to potential fiancΓ©es, Hart finally feels a spark…for her! The stubborn bachelor will be Beth’s first matchmaking miss, unless they can both admit that she just might be his perfect match."

Author: Regina Scott
Length: 288 pages
Format: paperback, e-book


She sees the sun.
He only sees shadows.
Could they be the perfect match?


I shall start this review how I normally do...with a fangirl moment. *clears throat*
Thank you for sticking around for your weekly "Alysha fangirl" moment.

The love inspired historical line is chock full of my favorite troupes. (I have quite a few, so I'm never sad when reading one of these books.) This book was no different. The matchmaking troupe is so fun and cute to me. Especially when the matchmaker and matchmakee fall in love. *major happy sigh* 

Beth was such a fun character to follow around. And follow her we did, the girl never sat still. πŸ˜… She was so bubbly and optimistic. She saw the good in everyone, but she never let anyone walk all over her. I think that's what made her character different to me. A lot of times when authors write "bubbly, naive, young, optimistic" characters they grind on my nerves after a while, but I never felt that with Beth. She was the PERFECT blend of strength and femininity.  She loved with her whole being, and she loved hard! 

Hart on the other hand...hmm. I understand why he was the way he was, but BLEH he was so stubborn. Overall I liked his character, he was a good guy with a big "heart". (eh, eh, see what I did there?) He, like Beth, loved and loved hard. Which is why he had a hard time loving again when his heart was broken.

Where Beth saw the sun in every situation, Hart saw the shadows. His background kept him from seeing the good in situations and people. But everyone needs a little light in their life! Beth was his match in every way, and I loved watching him realize that fact. 

There was a thread of suspense/mystery, but it was not a FOCAL point I loved guessing to see if I knew who the culprit was. (I was right by the way)

There was quite an age gap between the characters, it wasn't my personal favorite, but that is just my opinion. It didn't take away from the book at all! If anything it added some elements to the story. Because Hart had been hardened by life and Beth was a beautiful butterfly, she was able to soften him. So this time the age difference worked in favor of the story, because of the characters and their personalities.

I rated this a 4/5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the matchmaker troupe, or anyone who loves a strong female role.

This is book 8 in the "Frontier Bachelors" series, but in my opinion they do not have to be read in order. Though of course reading series in order is the preferred method, and you will see the whole story. Books 1-7 were the love stories of some secondary characters in this book. 


There was nothing more dangerous than a woman with a vision.

"I ought to lock you up for safekeeping."
Beth pressed a hand to her chest. "Me? Sweet little Beth Wallin? The entire city of Seattle would be in shock."
"And your Literary Society friends would march around the office until I let you out."
"If my brothers didn't batter down the door first."
"I'd rather take my chance with you brothers."
Beth giggled. "Clever fellow. Hatpins can be deadly, you know."

"Which would you prefer--a dinner engagement or a walk through the woods?"
"Either could get me killed."
She squeezed his arm. "Come now. The woods can be very picturesque, and our ladies don't cook so badly as to endanger your health."
"You haven't tried the pies they left. Sheriff Wyckoff is using one as a doorstop."

He'd captured bandits, stopped vandals and settled disputes with hostile natives. Who would have thought the one thing to terrify him was the thought of loving a pretty woman named Beth Wallin?

*I received this copy in exchange for my honest review* *All opinions are my own*



Regina Scott always wanted to be a writer. Since her first book was published in 1998, her stories have traveled the globe, with translations in many languages. She now has nearly 40 works of warm, witty romance to her credit, and has twice won the prestigious RT Book Reviews award for best novel in her genre that year. Fascinated by history, she learned to fence and sail a tall ship. You can often find her haunting the halls of the local historical museums. She and her husband reside in Washington State between Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier.



Hi Regina! Thank you so much for being here today!

R: "Thank you for having me, Alysha!"

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

R: "I knew I had to be an author when I figured out in third grade that those wonderful books I was devouring were written by somebody. Why not me?"

That is such an inspiring dream! Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

R: "History. Take me to a museum or a historical home, hand me a period diary to read, and I’m sure to find dozens of ideas I want to explore further."

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who could devour history! Which character have you connected with the most?

R: "Oddly enough, Lady Emily Southwell, the heroine of my Lady Emily Capers. I sometimes hear my characters talk to me in my head. She was the loudest, most vocal character I ever wrote. She told me how she felt, what she thought I should write next, how she wanted the scenes to go. I didn’t always agree with her, but she was so much fun to write."

I'm friends with you Facebook, and recently saw one of your characters isn't cooperating. I love knowing your characters talk to you!  Who has been the hardest character to write?

R: "In general, I find my villains the most difficult to write. I don’t like getting into the heads of people with dark ideas. I’m just glad I generally don’t write about people with dark ideas. Even some of my villains end up getting redeemed. 😊"

That totally explains why your characters are so sweet. πŸ˜‰ “Frontier Matchmaker Bride” is your last book in your “Frontier Bachelors” series, as well as your last book for Love Inspired. What will you miss most about the series?

R: "The people of Wallin Landing, the settlement outside pioneer Seattle, where much of the action is set in the series. Drew, Simon, James, John, Levi, and Beth Wallin have become like family. It’s hard to let them go."

How did you come up with the idea for the “Frontier Bachelors” series?

R: "I have been fascinated with the Mercer Belles—real-life women who came west after the Civil War to be brides in pioneer Seattle—since I was a girl. I’ve done extensive research on them—who they were, what they accomplished when they reached Seattle. I have always wanted to tell their stories. The first five books in the series feature heroines who are Mercer Belles (my fictionalized versions, of course)."

That is so fascinating! Now I want to know more about the (real) Mercer Belles. *to google I go* Can your series be read out of order, or do characters cross over so much that they need to be read from start to finish?

R: "Each book stands alone, but you’ll have more fun if you read them in order, because once the Wallins come on the scene in Book 2, there’s a whole lot of family dynamics that are too good to miss."

Family dynamics in stories bring me so much joy! Don't want to miss out on any of the goodness within the pages! Now that the historical line of “Love Inspired” is closing, do you have plans to continue writing?

R: "Absolutely! My agent is shopping a romantic historical mystery set in London at the cusp of the Regency and an inspiration historical romance set in the American West. In the meantime, I’m bringing out a new Regency-set series about a mysterious woman who runs an employment agency for gentlewomen down on their luck and her matchmaking cat, Fortune. Fortune’s Brides will debut with Never Doubt a Duke in May, followed by Never Borrow a Baronet in June."

I feel like Fortune might be a little mischievous, and I cannot wait to read all about it!  What is the most important thing you want your readers to be inspired with after reading one of your novels?

R: "I hope they come away believing in possibilities—that two people can come together, that love and faith can triumph."

You've written both western and regency novels, which is your favorite to write?

R: "Oh, so hard! Both! I love the elegance and wit of the Regency period, but I also love getting to delve deeper into local history."

Those are the same reasons why I can't pick a favorite to read. Love them both! What is your favorite genre to read?

R: "Historical mysteries, but only those with a romantic subplot. 😊"

I love when my mysteries have a romance thread weaving through the story! What is your current read?

R: "I can’t read while I’m writing, or my characters start to sound like the one’s I’m reading about. When I finish a draft, I treat myself to someone else’s book. Right now, I’m working my way through Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody historical mysteries, to which a friend introduced me."

Reading is the best treat you can get, in my opinion! Thank you so much for taking time and visiting with us today!

R: "You’re welcome! I always enjoy talking about books." 


You can connect with Regina further online on 
or visit her website at
And if you want to be sure you hear when a new book is out or on sale, sign up for her free e-mail alert ( 

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Review: Why I Hate Green Beans: And Other Confessions about Relationships, Reality TV, and How We See Ourselves

Why I Hate Green Beans

"If there is one thing Lincee Ray has learned over the years, it's that the majority of women on the planet struggle with insecurities. Our skinny jeans mock us. Our just-trying-to-help mothers are just driving us crazy. Our social media feeds taunt us with everyone else's picture-perfect lives. It's enough to send you on a gummy-bear bender while binge-watching Friends reruns and not showering for a week. Lincee knows. She's been there. Right there, in fact. Gummy bears and all.

For every woman who's ever wondered if she's unlovable, uninteresting, or unattractive, Lincee offers her particular brand of hilarious (and hard-hitting) self-reflection. Like a true friend, she shows us that the fastest way to happiness is to embrace ourselves in all our imperfection, trust that God knew what he was doing when he made us, and maybe go buy a new tube of mascara. Walk alongside Lincee as she discovers that her identity is not found in her job, her relationship status, her bank account, or her social circle. It's found in Christ."

Author: Lincee Ray
Length: 210 pages
Format: paperback, e-book, audio

Hate green beans,
But love to laugh?
Pick this up!

I'm not the biggest nonfiction person, that isn't a secret. But this book definitely changed my opinion. Lincee had me laughing, crying, crying from laughing...ALL THE THINGS! 

This book dealt with some pretty heavy subjects, from bullying to divorce. But Lincee handled them with grace and one of the best weapons...HUMOR! 
If you know me you know I ADORE to laugh! I personally think it's better medicine than chocolate. (I do love me some chocolate though) 
If you're ever around my family for an extended amount of time--who am I kidding?! If you're around us for .05 seconds you will hear deep belly laughter coming from AT LEAST one of us. 
What can I say we're hilarious people. Okay, we THINK we're funny! But isn't that all that matters??

Now that I've explained, in extensive detail, about how much I love to laugh I'll talk about why I loved this book.

I instantly was drawn to this book because of the title. It spoke to me on a mutual "hatred for green beans" level, I knew I needed to read this book! Then I read what it was talking about and it spoke to me on a spiritual level. I knew I HAD to read this book. 

The words within these pages, the stories told, struck a chord in my soul I didn't know needed to be touched. 
So much of what she said was timed so perfectly by a loving God who knew what I needed, and when I needed it.

No I haven't experienced everything Lincee has, but what was so amazing about this book is I was able to take the MESSAGE of her words and apply them to my situation. That, to me, makes this book. 

I rated this book a 5/5 stars. I would recommend it to women who need to know they aren't alone, and need it handled in a way to lift their spirits.
(HEADS UP: there was talk of alcohol, and some uses of "sucks" and "crap")

Thank you for letting God use you Lincee, thank you for having a CRAZY life, and thank you for telling your story.
A fellow hater of green beans


"Where are you God? I am a good person. You call me your child and you are just going to leave me here in all this pain? I can't pray anymore. I can no longer put one foot in front of the other. Obviously, this is the life you have planned for me, and I think it stinks. What did I ever do to deserve this? I have nothing else to say. I have nothing else to give. I am done!"
After my temper tantrum, I confessed to the Lord that I didn't know what to do, what to pray, or how to be. I calmly surrendered everything by admitting that I couldn't fix the emptiness. I knew I had to move on. I wanted to move on. I place all my burdens at His feet.
And that is where I really met Jesus. At the crossroads in my life, I looked to His cross.
This time, a nail-scarred hand held me tightly by the shoulders and said, "I know what it's like to be rejected. Don't be afraid. You are not alone. I see you and I will never leave you."

*I received this in exchange for an honest review* *All opinions are my own* 


A huge congratulations to Tracy Hagwood who is the winner of the “Hearts Entwined” giveaway! 

Please email me your address Tracy and I’ll get your book ready for you! ❤️


Thank you everyone for entering!

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Review & Giveaway: Hearts Entwined Novella Collection

Hearts Entwined: novella collection

"Four top historical romance novelists team up in this new collection to offer stories of love and romance with a twist of humor. In Karen Witemeyer's "The Love Knot," Claire Nevin gets the surprise of her life awaiting her sister's arrival by train. Mary Connealy's "The Tangled Ties That Bind" offers the story of two former best friends who are reunited while escaping a stampede. Regina Jennings offers "Bound and Determined," where a most unusual trip across barren Oklahoma plains is filled with adventure, romance, and . . . camels? And Melissa Jagears' "Tied and True" entertains with a tale of two hearts from different social classes who become entwined at a cotton thread factory. 

Each tale is a fun blend of history and romance that will delight readers."

Author(s): Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Regina Jennings, Melissa Jagears
Length: 352 pages
Format: paperback, hardcover, e-book

Tied and True
They are Bound and Determined
That the Tangled Ties that Bind
Will always be Love Knots

First off, I'm gonna fangirl for a moment because this collection of authors is my everything!!! They have worked together previously and I can say it's magical when they do.

The stories in this particular collection did not cross over each other, but they all had a similar plot "tying" them together. (pun most DEFINITELY intended!) Each story dealt with romances that withstood trials that tested the strength of their relationship, their knot.


The Love Knot

"When Claire Nevin's troubled younger sibling sends her an unexpected package by rail, the gift and the man who delivers it--an unexpected face from the past--threaten to upend Claire's life forever. Fighting to hold on to all she has built, will she lose what matters most?"

The first story was the lovely Karen Witemeyer's story, which was the fourth and final installation in her "Ladies of Harper Station" series. Click here to see all the rest of the series

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Harper's Station, but I loved being able to see everyone one last time. And seeing one more lady find her true love. Our Miss Claire ALREADY had her true love before she even came to Harper's Station, but ran from him when a miscommunication arose. 

 Since Claire and Pieter already knew, and loved, each other it was a fast lovely romance. One I found no problems with. Their connection was so sweet. 
Both characters were gracious and kind, they took in baby without question, but they also didn't give up on each other. They worked through their hurt and distrust and fell in love all over again!

I wish the "gift" they received had a bit more screen time , but I also understand there are only so many words you can write in a novella.

This story had the most "knot" feelings in my opinion. Both in actual metaphors used and relationship testing. 

Overall I really did enjoy the story and how the series itself wrapped up and I rated it a 4/5 stars.


"Our pasts are so tangled and snarled, and I doubt we'll ever be put to rights. We've too many knots in our way."
Her eyes jumped to his. "Good? What d'ye mean, good? Knots are a bad thing"
"Not to my way of thinking."  "I want to be so tangled and knotted up with you that nothing will ever pull us apart again."


The Tangled Ties That Bind

"Connor Kincaid returns home determined to win the hand of the woman he was too young for when he left. But Maggie is training to be a doctor in a distant town, while Connor's about to settle on a ranch. Will either be willing to give up their dream? Or will they both have to give up the love of a lifetime?"

The next story was the hilarious Mary Connealy's  continuation of the "Kincaid Brides" series. Click here to see the rest of the series

I freaked out just a little when I saw it was a continuation, not gonna lie to you. I SUPER enjoyed book 1 (really need to get to book 2 & 3), and was crazy excited to see some of the characters come back to life on paper. 

I really enjoyed Maggie's character, she was a driven woman who wanted to make the world a better place.

Connor got a itty-bitty bit annoying, he seemed clueless in some areas. He came waltzing back home after 5 years and thought all would be exactly the same. 
Thankfully he made a turnaround and in the end their romance was sweet and innocent. 

I was pleased with how the story unfolded, then "tied" itself together again. I rated it a 4/5 stars.


"It's still daylight." She glanced behind her at Connor. "Unless we worked overnight and it's actually tomorrow."
"No, it's definitely today. Although today would be today even if it were tomorrow."
Maggie arched a brow. "What does that mean?"
Connor shrugged. "I think it means we're both exhausted."

"I'm glad we had to go through this tangle--it helped me know you better and love you more."


Bound and Determined

"As punishment for his recklessness, Private Bradley Willis is sent on an errand to help a retired cavalry officer move a herd across Indian Territory. No one told him the herd would be camels instead of cattle, nor that the officer's headstrong daughter, Ambrosia Herald, would seem to be trying to undermine the whole enterprise. He's definitely been saddled with more than he's bargained for."

Story #3 was written by the wonderful Regina Jennings. This was book 2 to her "Fort Reno" series.
Click here to see the rest of the series

I have yet to pick up book 1, but after reading this story there is no doubt that I'll grab it soon. I think this was probably my favorite story out of the collection. Though they all had their charms, something about this one had me smiling from ear to ear.

I loved Private Bradley, he was such a care-free spirit, but underneath that young "kid" was a thoughtful gentleman! He was a loyal in everything he did, though not always to the liking of other people. 

I loved the chemistry between Bradley and Ambrosia! Their dialogue was witty, and quirky and just cute. 

Both of these characters were very "young" and immature when the story started, but I definitely saw major "growing up" going on throughout the pages. 

The ending was so cruel to my poor heart, but I can't wait to see if they make an appearance in Fort Reno again.

This story was a delight to read and I rated it a 4/5 stars.


His mouth twitched. "I'm not your father ma'am. It doesn't matter a whit to me if you get riled up, if you pout, or if you threaten to run away from home. I specialize in reckless, dramatic gestures, and I doubt any of yours would impress me."

Esmeralda was the name of Bradley's animal. Her loose, flexible lips puckered at himlike she was trying to kiss him from afar. Or spit at him, which was more likely.


Tied and True

"Wealthy Marianne Lister is in love with business assistant Calvin Hochstetler, but he can't see past the difference in their social status. When Marianne takes a job to prove that she is prepared for a life of hard work alongside the man of her dreams, will it be enough to convince Calvin to risk it all for love?"

The fourth and final novella was the incredible Melissa Jagears' fourth story in her "Teaville Moral Society" series.
Click here to see the rest of the series

Melissa has recently become an adored author of mine. This story only elated my opinion of her stories.

This love story was all cute and sweetness. 

I admire Marianne so much! She did not care about wealth or what other people thought, she just wanted to serve God's kingdom and make one particular man fall in love with her. 
It didn't help that the man was ridiculously hard-headed about it...good thing she was just as stubborn. πŸ˜‰

Calvin was a wonderful gentleman who had a lot of past hurts, which manifested in a distrust for true love. 
But through patience, persistence, and a couple cotton knots true love won in the end.

This was such a sweet read, and I enjoyed it immensely and I rated it a 4/5 stars.


"How long until you change your mind about us? I know you're scared, I understand. I'm scared too. But tomorrow my parents could go bankrupt, I might die, or you may inherit thousands of dollars. Nothing in life is fully under our control, but choosing to love someone--as hard as it might be--is."

"I know there could be hardship, but I think the joy we could give each other outweighs the risk."
She took his hand and squeezed it. "Don't shove away a lifetime of blessings because you fear trials. You'll have them no matter what you do."


Overall the stories were quick, light, glorious reads that would quench anyone's thirst for a great historical! 
I loved that the stories were tied together with a common thread, but I'm also excited that each story belongs to a series so we can see these characters or towns a bit more. (I love a good series)

As a whole I rate the book a 4/5 stars, and cannot wait for future mash-ups between these fabulous ladies!

*I received this copy in exchange for my honest review* *All opinions are my own*


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Friday, February 9, 2018

Review & Giveaway: The Rancher's Temporary Engagement

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The Rancher's Temporary Engagement

by Stacy Henrie
Inspirational Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 288 pages
February 1st 2018 by Love Inspired Historical

Undercover FiancΓ©e

The Pinkerton agent that Edward Kent hired is intelligent, capable—and unexpectedly female! Though shocked to learn that Maggy Worthing will be investigating the threats to his Wyoming horse ranch, Edward needs to find the culprit. And if that means a temporary engagement to give Maggy a cover story, he’ll play along with the feisty detective.

Maggy always gets her man—at least when it comes to solving crimes. The young widow refuses to marry again and land under another husband’s thumb. Unmasking Edward’s enemies will earn her a longed-for promotion…but the heart has its own mysteries. Could working together with the handsome English aristocrat spark a real and loving partnership?


A forgotten Earl's son who feels unworthy
A Pinkerton agent who feels unworthy
Can they heal each other's past hurts?


 I really enjoyed this story! I loved the characters, the story line, the dialogue, Stacy's writing style. It was all done beautifully.

When I got to Maggy's POV I instantly bristled, I was NOT a fan of the arrogant attitude she emitted. (Arrogant people, real or fictional, are a huge pet peeve of mine)
HOWEVER! Within a page or two I understood why she put off that characteristic, and I admired her for it. 
What I saw at first as a cocky attitude, was actually strength and drive. The more I got to know her, and see her actions the more I really enjoyed how she was written and developed! She was such a strong and independent woman, she reminded me a lot of Meg from "Hercules".

Edward was our typical English gentleman, and I was FOR it! 
Just a few pages in and you can see he's carrying some deep hurt with him. But instead of letting it turn him bitter, he turned it into drive. 

He was the earl's "forgotten" son.
She was abused by both her father and her previous husband.
They both had reasons to hate the world, and hate life. But they turned their lives into something and proved that they were worthy to those who thought they weren't. 

This book focused a lot on "worthiness". A topic that a lot of people struggle with, Stacy did a great job talking about it! 

I LOVE "fake engagement" stories, LIKE CRAZY LOVE THEM, and this one did not disappoint! The banter between Edward and Maggy was SO great! 
Even though their romance happened quickly I didn't feel like it was super "attraction" based. They actually got to know each other, their characteristics, faults, weaknesses, their attributes, strengths. I really enjoyed that aspect of the story. 

The ending was so perfect! Though it was bittersweet to see flip the last page. 

I give this book a 4/5 star and definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys quick, cute, light reads!


"Just remember to be true to who you are, Eddie," Liza had often reminded. "You are of worth, most especially to me and to God."

A small smile appeared at her mouth. "That was rather quick scheming on your part."
"A first, I'll admit." Edward chuckled. "But I've had a rather effective albeit persistent teacher today."

Maggy gave him an apologetic smile. "That was a risky move, but apparently I'm not the only brilliant one around here."
"So pleased you finally noticed."

 *I received this book in exchange for my honest review* *All opinions are my own*

About the Author

USA Today
bestselling author Stacy Henrie is the author of western romances and the Of Love and War series, which includes Hope at Dawn, a 2015 RITA Award finalist for excellence in romance. She was born and raised in the West, where she currently resides with her family. She enjoys reading, road trips, interior decorating, chocolate, and most of all, laughing with her husband and kids.


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"You are of worth, most especially to me and to God."