Friday, November 10, 2017

Anticipated Books of November

Being as I do not have a book to review this week, I decided to do something a bit different.
Today I'm going to talk about my "anticipated reads of November".

Of course we're gonna start with Jen Turano's book! Yes this book did release on Tuesday, but I had to include it in this list because I've been (impatiently) waiting for this book since I knew it was coming out. (Check out my video for the release here)
That book being "Out of the Ordinary". It is the second book in her Apart from the Crowd series.
The story will be following Miss Gertrude Cadwalader and Mr. Harrison Sinclair. You read a bit about them in book one "Behind the Scenes", but I seriously cannot wait to read their full story!

The next book I am looking forward to is "Death at Thornburn Hall" by Julianna Deering. This is book 6 in her Drew Farthering Mystery series. I personally have book 1-5, but have not read them yet.  *covers eyes and shakes head* I know, I know. I will, hopefully, be starting the series this month. (I talk about it in a YouTube video here)
Even though I haven't read them yet I am still anticipating reading this book.

Since the two previous books are historical fiction (yes it's my weakness), I'm going to throw this contemporary fiction book in. This book looks so stinkin' cute. I have not read anything by this author, but her covers make me want to grab them all! I'll put you out of your misery, since I know y'all are dying to know what book, and author I'm talking about. It is "The Engagement Plot" by Krista Phillips. This book scream Hallmark movie, and I. Love. It. This is so up my alley and I cannot wait to read it!

The last two I'm going to talk about are actually collections. There are 7 short stories in both, all centered around one theme. I thoroughly enjoy these collections (as I own quite a few). You can read so many "books" and feel so accomplished. *insert major wink* They are always coming out with new ones and this month there are actually two. I cannot wait to add these to my shelves, since they are already on my wishlist/TBR.


I know most of these are actually already out, but that should make someone happy since they won"t have to wait too long for their books. I cannot wait to get and read these November releases.
Let me know what November release you're anticipating the most.


  1. I like the Out of the Ordinary cover!! This month, my most anticipated release is book 4 in the Nikki Boyd Files by Lisa Harris. That series is SO GOOD.

    Love the list!! <3

  2. Looks likes some really good books. I may want to get some.