Friday, January 26, 2018

Cover Reveal: As Easy As Riding A Bike

Y'all Bell's back!!! 💕

Back in December I stumbled upon one of the sweetest authors I've met! Ms. Bell Renshaw. 
At the time she was looking for a street team for her debut novella,  One Christmas in Winter
I quickly joined, and have since been able to see this author blossom, even in the few months I've known her. She has TONS of amazing ideas and surprises in store for everyone, myself included. 

A few weeks ago my eyeballs were blessed with about the sweetest cover I've seen in a while. It'll give you a cavity, so prepare to call your dentist after you read this! 😍

So without further ado, I give you the cover for Bell's next novella.



What'd I tell ya?! CAVITIES!! 

Because Bell has to work so fast, there isn't an official blurb yet. However that AND the pre-order link will be live soon! 

Here is what we know so far (just enough to want more):

"As Easy As Riding a Bike. It's the first of 5 novellas set in the small town of Justin Harbor, Oregon and features a renovated roadside "lodge" with cabins run by local business woman Emma Holland and a handsome freelance photographer Connor Pearson." 

I am beyond excited for this new town to explore and new characters to fall in love with!

If you haven't already definitely check out Bell's debut novella!

You can connect with Bell on:

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  1. I saw this cover on your Instagram and immediately knew I needed to read it LOL.