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Spotlight & Excerpt: Kingdom Come Series

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Series: Kingdom Come
Author: Cecelia Earl
Number of books: 3 
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

ABOUT When Ash Rains Down
Book 1 
Release Date: December 1, 2016

Angels are real.

So are demons.

Shady Creek gets a whole lot scarier after Julia learns she's part angel, especially since the only person she can trust is an angel who's as infuriating as he is attractive.

Julia received a necklace containing the songs of the angels from her dad when she was four. When she was eleven, he abandoned her family and the necklace went silent. At seventeen, Julia's doing everything she can to maintain security for her family, but now her necklace seems to have come to life once again. And that's not all that's changing.

When a robber attempts to steal from their diner, the necklace blazes and burns her chest. Pain in her back is nearly unbearable as the thief transforms before her eyes... into something demonic.

Demon after demon threaten Julia's home, family, and friends, and she realizes there may have been something more behind her dad's disappearance. And now there may be something--or someone--dangerous after her.

Julia has to accept that she is not quite human. Will her infuriating but attractive Guardian Angel be able to prepare her for the battle to come?

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ABOUT When Smoke Rains Down
Book 2 
Release Date: May 27, 2017

If only humans knew the invisible danger lurking around them... 

In the aftermath of an explosion and Homecoming battle, Julia tries to form some semblance of a routine: work, study, and visit her brother who remains hospitalized. Unable to confide in anyone about her double life of being both human and angel, and fearful she'll bring more death and destruction to those she loves, she pulls away from her family and best friend.

When demons once again start to show up at every turn, seemingly bringing about her brother's deepening depression, she demands her sword from Nicholas. Ever the stern Guardian Angel, he forbids her from using it. Isolated, she takes protecting her brother into her own hands. But when demons show they have evils hidden within their weapons in addition to their ability to siphon souls from the living, Julia's not sure she knows the best way to handle saving him any longer. Especially when ash-colored lines begin to appear on humans, lines of demonic poison that travel through their veins toward their hearts and alter their moods.

Thrust into a dark world of conspiring demons, Julia is in more danger than she ever imagined possible. To stop evil from spreading and overtaking those she loves, she'll have to seek out the one person she mistrusts most--especially when a line appears on her own arm, and her apathy toward doing much of anything, including saving anyone, grows.

Enter a complex world where humans, demons, and angels collide, all battling to rule the Earth.

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ABOUT When Fire Rains Down
Book 3 
Release Date: June 27, 2018

Hell is nothing like Julia imagined and beyond everything she feared.

The little town of Shady Creek is under attack by Lucifer and his demons. To save the people she loves, human-angel Hybrid Julia must rescue their kidnapped Guardian Angels, even when it means defying her father.

Trouble is, he knows only too much about Hell's perils. When a demon sucks Julia into a cosmic vacuum, the experience leaves an indelible blight she dares not mention for fear of losing her place on the angelic rescue team.

As a growing demon army surrounds Shady Creek, Julia's feelings for her own Guardian become all too real and dangerous. But the cosmic imbalance fueled by Hybrid Angels, Rogue Guardians and Warriors is already depleting the strength of the rescue team. And there's no room for distraction when the mission is to get into Hell—and out again.

For the sake of the mission, Julia must face the truth of the Hybrids' existence. Because nobody will be safe unless she can trust the gift of free will—for others and for herself—in this end-of-the-world finale to The Legend of Shady Creek Trilogy.

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I'm back in the kitchen and notice the trash bag still sitting propped against the island, so I decide to help Mom with it whether she wants me to or not. That's when I hear clattering from the back storage room. The door is ajar, and I know for a fact I am supposed to be the only person back here. Noah's upstairs brushing his teeth and grabbing his school stuff. Mom and Trevor are still up front in the diner. 
"Hello?" I call out, slipping the nearest utensil behind my back. Because defending myself with a metal spatula makes total sense. 
I don't call out again, and instead move closer, soundlessly. There's definitely movement inside. Aside from storing dry ingredients and all Mom's bowls, plates, et cetera, the storage room houses the diner's safe with the deposits from the till. Mom doesn't go to the bank every day, so there's definitely money inside from the days before. 
I pick up a pot cover—to use as a shield, I guess—should the thief be armed. I can laugh afterward if it's nothing but a rodent having slipped in for warmth and crumbs. I can laugh afterward if a pot cover saves me from a gun-bearing robber. 
A peek inside proves it's no rodent. 
The thief wears jeans and boots with a cap pulled low over his eyes. He hears me as soon as I lunge to hit him over the head with the spatula. I have nothing, really, but my focus and my desire to keep my family and our belongings safe. 
His hands were on the safe door, and it was open and empty. Our deposit bag is in his left hand. With his right, he pulls a knife and holds it out toward me, laughing. 
I hold the pot cover in front of me as a tiny, tiny barrier, and stick the spatula out to duel if necessary. I don't take my eyes from him, focused and ready to defend myself. To defend what is ours.
Lashing out at him, I surprise him, and he stops laughing. He didn't expect me to be on the offensive. Sneering, he circles me, trying to get out the door. 
Not with our money, he won't. 
I turn the spatula so the handle is facing him, not sharp, but at least a little more knife-like. I bend my knees, getting leverage under me, strength. If it weren't for the knife, I'd probably be able to handle him. I feel power in my fists. I know my strength. I bounce on the balls of my feet, testing my spring. Bouncing twice, my eyes leave his face for half a second as I twirl and use a back kick to hit his wrist with my heel and disarm him. I land on my feet, facing him, squat to trade the spatula for the knife, and kick the spatula behind me so he doesn't get any bright ideas. 
Dropping the pot cover, I lunge and drive the knife toward his throat, his shirt clutched in my other fist.
"Hand over our money," I say, my voice unrecognizably gruff. 
He sneers. "Tough girl for a measly five hundred bucks." 
"It's our five hundred bucks, and I want it back." I'm so sick of worrying about every piddly cent, sick of the insecurity of this place that's literally crumbling under my feet. 
Suddenly, the necklace at my throat starts to burn and the robber's face warps. I gasp, because, for an instant, he looks... demonic. A drop of blood forms where the tip of the blade digs into his neck. But the blood is not red. It's green. The color of money and fear. Momentarily stunned, my knees start to shake, but I don't back down. Even after pressure and pain build between my shoulder blades, as if something is trying to push through my skin. 
I'm about to dig deeper with the knife, when, without a word, he narrows his eyes and thrusts our deposit bag into my chest. I drop his shirt to fumble with it and check our money is there. When I see it is, I step back, reaching for my cell phone to dial 9-1-1. 
He growls through his teeth. "This ain't over." Then, he fades, becomes a shadow of smoke, and dissipates until there's nothing left of him. 
I drop the knife and lean against the doorframe, just breathing and waiting for my heart to return to its normal pattern. 
What just happened? 
Not knowing what to think or do, I grab my cell phone out of my back pocket to call the police and report a robbery, leaving out the parts I can't explain. The robber's distortion, his blood, my necklace and back pain. 
Minutes later, Noah stands by the screen door, waiting while the cops interrogate me about the details. Mom stands next to me, a silent pillar of support. I'm shaken and confused, there’s no doubt, but I can't stop thinking about my newfound plans to graduate in December. I want to get to the office before class starts to find out if it’s possible. 
Yet, as the questions stream on, I watch the seconds tick by on the clock above the sink, and with them, my chance at starting my adulthood this morning. 
"He was wearing a black cap," I repeat. "No, he didn't take anything that I know of." 
I cross my arms, lean against the metal-topped island, right next to the trash bag that's still propped up against it. 


Cecelia Earl graduated with a degree in education and has been teaching ever since. She's a wife, a mom of three boys, and an owner of a magical laundry pile that never stops growing. She lives near enough to Green Bay, WI that her refrigerator is always stocked with cheese, and the first colors her children learned were green and gold.

She's a first grade teacher in a Catholic school by day, a mom always, and a writer in her sleep, but that's okay because being an author is a dream come true. She writes angel fantasy books for young and youngish adults. If you feel young, she writes for you--whether or not you feel particularly angelic.

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  1. Great excerpt! This sounds like a nail-biter of a series!

  2. Thank you for the information on the Kingdom Come series by Cecelia Earland and for being part of the blog tour. Enjoyed the excerpt from book 1 and would love the chance to read the whole series.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net